Shipwreck: F53.25

Shipwreck: F53.25
Vessel: sailing vessel
Construction period: XIX century
Depth of occurrence: 14
Discovered: 2006
Start of research: 2016

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Site description

The F53.25 wreck constitutes the remains of the bottom part of sailing ship preserved as 8-meter oak keel, pine and oak floor timbers, 9-cm-thick pine staves of planking and damaged, massive, multi-element keelson of over 8 meters in length with characteristic mast seat in the form of two rectangular openings connected with each other. The elements of ship’s structure are connected with the use of treenails and occasionally with iron mandrels. However, neither the stern nor the bow survived.

Circumstances of the discovery

The wreck was discovered in May 2006 by the PRCiP (dredging company) employees of Małż dredger deepening the entrance to the port of Gdańsk.


In July 2006, the wreck was moved with a floating crane DP15 to a new and safer location near the W-6 Solen wreck around the cliff in Gdynia Orłowo.

Course of research

The underwater inventory of the wreck was performed in 2016.


The ship which now is the F53.25 wreck was built in the 19th century.

Research photos

  • Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku
  • śladami średniowiecznych wraków
  • śladami średniowiecznych wraków

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