Shipwreck: F53.9

Shipwreck: F53.9
Vessel: support vessel
Construction period: XVIII century
Depth of occurrence: 16
Discovered: 2002
Start of research: 2003

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Site description

The F53.9 wreck constitutes the remains of flat-bottomed barge (lighter) used for coastal shipping, and communication and reloading of goods between the port and ships in the roadstead. In the vertical projection the wreck can be seen as flat wooden structure of spindle-like shape consisting of oak staves of planking laid edge-to-edge of 25cm in width, and pine floor timbers. Moreover, some knee frames mounted to floor timbers with metal bolts were recognized, as well as fragments of bottom part of the ship's side. The strakes are splined with battens mounted in specially carved tenons. The object dimensions are as follows: length 25.6 meters, width 6.2 meters.

Circumstances of the discovery

The F53.9 was discovered by a group of divers from Gdynia in September 2002. The information about the newly discovered wreck was passed to the CMM by Leszek Więckowski and Marek Semir Sydia.


The object is located at a depth of 16 meters, about 7 nautical miles to the north of the entrance to Gdańsk port.

Course of research

The archaeological works at the site were conducted in October and November 2003. With the use of 3x1-meter truss measurements and drawings of the wreck were performed, as well as photographic and video documentation. The underwater inventory of the wreck was performed in 2006 and 2015.


The results of dendrochronological studies proved that the earliest date of the ship construction was 1854. The wood used for the construction of the vessel came from the basin of middle or upper Vistula River.

Research photos

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