Shipwreck: F53.12 F53.12

Shipwreck: F53.12
Name: F53.12
Vessel: flatt-bottom vessel
Construction period: 19th century
Depth of occurrence: 4
Discovered: 2008
Start of research: 2018

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Site description

The F53.12 wreck constitutes the remains of flat-bottomed vessel made of pine wood (bottom plating) and oak wood (floor timbers, ship’s sides) which might have served as port lighter (reload vessel) or might have been used in goods shipping between the local ports of the Bay of Gdańsk. The ship was 23-25 meters in length and ca. 7 meters in width.

The elements recognized on the ship include: pine wood staves of plating laid edge to edge; 17 oak wood floor timbers mounted to the staves with pegs; partially preserved fragments of oak wood ship’s side staves mounted with iron nails. At the structure there is a coil of wire rope and nearby, on the south-west side metal wire rope drum.


Circumstances of the discovery

The wreck was discovered in 2008 by the employees of the Department of Maritime Measurements of the Maritime Office.


The object is located at a depth of 4 meters near Brzeźno, ca. 300 meters away from the shore. The axis of wreck structure runs along N-S direction. The end of shipwreck towards the north submerged in the seabed sand.

Course of research

The exploratory works of the wreck were conducted by the archaeologists of the National Maritime Museum (NMM) in 2009. In 2018, the NMM research team performed thorough inventory of the site.


The vessel was built after 1869 from wood coming from the north-east regions of Poland.

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