Shipwreck: F53.21 F53.21

Shipwreck: F53.21
Name: F53.21
Vessel: sailing vessel
Construction period: after 1582 year
Depth of occurrence: 5
Discovered: 2010
Start of research: 2010

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Site description

The F53.21 wreck constitutes the remains of a side of a sailing ship made of oak wood at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century. The wreck was displaced relative to its primary location. A part of the hull of a ship made of oak wood, of 10 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width, is protruding from the seabed. The structural elements of the wreck are located on the north-east – south-west axis. The object comprises the strakes fastened edge to edge and elements of transverse reinforcements – frame of up to 4.2 meters in length. The structural elements were fixed together with treenails.

Circumstances of the discovery

The wreck was discovered in 2010 by the employees of the Department of Maritime Measurements in the Maritime Office in Gdynia.


The wreck is located at a depth of 4.8 meters, 300 meters north-east of the coast of the Bay of Gdańsk, off the beach in Westerplatte.

Course of research

The exploratory works of the wreck were conducted by the archaeologists of the National Maritime Museum (NMM) in 2010 and 2011. In 2019, the NMM research team conducted thorough site inventory by performing a 3D model.


The wood for building the ship was cut down after 1582.

Research photos

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