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Underwater photogrammetry

      Photogrammetry has already become a long-standing tradition in the history of underwater research conducted by the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. In the 1980s, photogrammetric recording was used during research of the W-6 Solen wreck to create a photo mosaic of the site. Drawings of the Solen ship, which sank in 1627 during the Battle of Oliwa, were then made based on the compiled projection of the site.
      This website presents photogrammetric 3D models of wrecks from the Gulf of Gdańsk created in the NMM since 2013 with implementation of the latest technological developments. Due to application of specific computer programmes of the SfM (Structure from Motion) category, we have developed an effective system aimed at compilation of records of underwater objects which has made it possible to create the 3D models featured on this website. In addition to constituting visually attractive presentations, the models of wrecks, and this is their most significant feature, serve as universal and precise measurement tool used in the field of underwater archaeology. Apart from their aesthetic qualities, the featured 3D models of wrecks constitute careful copies of the objects and make it possible to create sections, projections and animation of any kind. Moreover, the models serve as an effective tool for monitoring and protection of underwater cultural heritage. In the nearest future, we have an ambition to compile archaeological records of all wrecks, both wooden and metal, occurring on the bottom of the Gulf of Gdańsk under the “Virtual Open-Air Museum of Wrecks in the Gulf of Gdańsk” project.
      We are happy to present you with the underwater archaeological heritage of the Gulf of Gdańsk.

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  • śladami średniowiecznych wraków

The "Gulf of Gdańsk Shipwreck Virtual Open-Air Museum" website ( has been created under the "Gulf of Gdańsk Shipwreck Virtual Open-Air Museum. Recording and Inventory of Underwater Archaeological Heritage" scientific research project, co-financed with the funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.